Criteria: Article VI, Section 6(c)Membership of the new tax lawyers committee will include all regular and affiliate members of the section who have not attained the age of 36 at the beginning of the fiscal year of the section. In addition, any regular or affiliate member of the section who has not practiced tax law for more than 10 years at the beginning of the fiscal year of the section, regardless of age, will be a member of the new tax lawyers committee All members of the new tax lawyers committee will be entitled to the rights and privileges of such membership for the remainder of the fiscal year.

Letter of Overture

Dear Fellow New Tax Lawyer:

On behalf of The Florida Bar Tax Section (the ‘Tax Section’), the Committee for New Tax Lawyers extends an invitation and encourages you to become an active member of the Tax Section this year, including participation in the New Tax Lawyers Committee. Each of us have shared many remarkable career-building experiences through the New Tax Lawyers Committee and with the Tax Section as a whole, and believe your involvement would provide you with similar rewarding experiences and opportunities.

One of the primary goals of the New Tax Lawyers Committee is to increase participation of new tax lawyers at the annual meetings. Generally, the Tax Section has three (3) meetings annually, one of which is July 4th weekend at Amelia Island Plantation Resort. The location for the remaining meetings (Fall Meeting and Annual Meeting) rotates throughout the State of Florida. At each of these meetings, we have planned more opportunities to integrate new tax lawyers such as happy hours honoring our new tax lawyers and family fun for those attending meetings with their spouses, significant others and/or children. It has been a focus of the New Tax Lawyers Committee to provide new tax lawyers numerous opportunities to get to know other Tax Section members. We believe these early relationships can have long lasting influence on your career.

Another goal is to provide more learning opportunities for new tax lawyers. There is now a basic skills tax CLE, so all new tax lawyers should have the option to sign up for a basic skills CLE that is relevant to our respective practices. Every lawyer should have the opportunity to learn both technical and business development skills. With the intent to provide these opportunities to our fellow tax lawyers, we have made a concerted effort with point people located throughout Florida to organize regular tax lunches and other events. Each point person for their local city has broad discretion to organize these events. There is diverse mix of attendees, including seasoned practitioners, new tax attorneys and LL.M. students. These events have included formal presentations on technical tax issues or business development and more casual social gatherings to provide networking opportunities. We believe your participation in these events would help you cultivate your technical skills in addition to expanding your network of tax practitioners.

The New Tax Lawyer Committee also aims to provide new tax lawyers with opportunities to work on Tax Section projects. These projects have included drafting an amicus curiae brief to the U.S. Supreme Court, commenting on proposed regulations, or submitting comments in response to a notice issued by the Internal Revenue Service. By working on these projects, a new tax lawyer gains exposure to different projects he or she may not otherwise be exposed to and may achieve statewide, or even nationwide, recognition for his or her contribution to the project. Many of these projects are exceptional experiences on a resume whether reviewed by a future employer or potential client. In addition to these opportunities, there are many leadership roles for new tax lawyers within the Tax Section. After attending some of the meetings, you may find a more active role desirable. The Tax Section is always looking for new members that will strive for excellence and provide new ideas to the section. If there are any leadership opportunities that we have not yet thought of, please let us know and we would enjoy crafting a special leadership role for you.

The Tax Section, through involvement with the New Tax Lawyers Committee, can open the door to unparalleled experiences and opportunities for your career development. We encourage you to attend an event and meet some of the Tax Section’s remarkable members. We are confident that after attending you will appreciate the many benefits of membership.

If you have first meeting jitters, feel free to contact one of us to let us know you are coming. We gladly will help you meet other Tax Section members. We hope to hear from you soon! Sincerely,

Dana Apfelbaum & Mitch Goldberg

Fellowship Program

The Fellowship Program was created to assist new tax lawyers with the opportunity to experience the Tax Section first hand by providing a subsidy for costs to attend the Tax Section meetings and become an active participant in other Tax Section activities. The fellowship program will award a maximum of three (3) fellowships per year to new tax lawyers. Fellowships are provided for a two-year term. Each fellow will receive a subsidy of up to $2,500 per year (not to exceed actual out-of-pocket expenses) to help defray the cost of attending Tax Section meetings and participating in Tax Section activities. View the Fellowship Letter. To apply, CLICK HERE FOR THE FELLOWSHIP APPLICATION PROGRAM.

Fellowship Application

Scholarship Application